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2018 CANCER REGISTRY UPDATE COPING WITH CONTINUAL CHANGESIn a blog that I wrote earlier this year, I talked about the importance of being prepared for expected changes in the cancer registry.  Well, we are well past the halfway point of 2018 and are still navigating the changes. In fact, after attending the Florida Cancer Registry Association Meeting, I learned of some changes Cancer Registrars should be aware of.  So, I thought it might be high time to provide an update!

Here’s what I learned at the meeting:

  • The STORE Manual (Standards for Oncology Registry Entry) was released on August 15, 2018 and is now available and ready to use.  You can access the STORE Manual by clicking here.
  • Some cancer registry software vendors might not have their 2018 versions released until October.
  • The Solid Tumor Manual still has some chapters in draft format.

And, for your edification, here’s a comprehensive summary of changes 0f 2018 Changes to Standards for Cancer Reporting:

223 New Data Items

  • 137 NEW Site-Specific Data Items
  • 24 NEW Radiation Treatment Data Items
  • 18 New AJCC TNM 8thEdition Data Items
  • 16 NEW Geocoding Data Items
  • 3 NEW Grade Data Items and New Grade Assignment Methodology
  • CoC Accredited Flag
  • Medicare Beneficiary Identifier

2018 SEER Summary Stage (SS2018) – added in 2016 but changed for 2018

2018 SEER EOD Data Items – added in 2016 but change for 2018

Changes to Existing Data Items

  • Field Name Change – many
  • Field Length Changes – many
  • Code Set and/or Coding Instruction Changes – many

NAACCR Record Layout Changes

  • Field Location in Transfer Record Layout (Start/Stop Position) – All Data Items Effected

NEW Cancer Staging Requirements – directly coded stage and/or derived stage from standardized API/DLL

  • 2018 SEET Summary Stage (SS2018)
  • 2018 SEER Extent of Disease (2018 EOD)
  • 2018 Site Specific Data Items Manual – 48 Items Required for Staging/Significance
    2018 Grade Coding Manual, Instructions and Tables AJCC Cancer Staging Manual 8thEdition

NEW 2018 ICD-O-3 Histology Code and Behavior Code Updates

  • 31 New ICD-O-3 Histology Codes Added
  • 18 Behavior Codes Changed – some new reportable and some no longer reportable histology/behavior
  • 114 New Histology Terms Added (Preferred Term and/or Synonyms)

2018 SEER Site Histology Validation List (used in EDITS To validate primary site and histologic type)

NEW 2018 Slid Tumor Coding Rules (formerly Multiple Primary and Histology Rules – MPH Rules)

NEW 2018 SEER Hematopoietic and Lymphoid Neoplasm Database Updated

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