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A/R Follow Up & Denial Management

Timely follow up on past due Accounts Receivable and efficient Denial Management is critically important to the financial strength of healthcare provider organizations.  This is an area of extraordinary expertise for himagine. We not only monitor and manage every component, but give you full, instant visibility to every element of your revenue stream.

himagine’s services in this are both broad and deep, including:

  • A/R Follow Up – Follow up on past due accounts from payers to ensure proper and timely reimbursement. himagine uses a proprietary system to prioritize work efforts and manage outcomes.
  • Denial Management – We monitor and report on denied claims and reopen them to ensure maximum reimbursement from insurers. This includes Referral & Authorization Check, Medical Records and Appeals, Claim Status, as well as handling both Clinical & Administrative Denials.
  • Denial Root Cause Analysis – our teams and technology get to the bottom of every denial and quickly process all appeals.
  • Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Processing – himagine ensures that your payment and denials are accurate and complete since any missing EOB entry can lead to unnecessary rework.
  • Patient Balance – himagine doesn’t let any unpaid balance fall through the cracks.
  • Reporting – our near-real time reporting dashboards give you what you need to manage account activity & ensure required delivery outputs daily.
  • Underpayments Analysis – We’ll analyze all underpayments and work with you to prevent them in the future.
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