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Coding Webinar-July 2021

Join the himagine compliance team as we dive into complex Gastrointestinal and Urological procedures in a hospital inpatient setting. We will provide multiple case scenarios focusing on ICD-10-PCS code assignment, applicable PCS coding guidelines and anatomical illustrations for your understanding.…

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Tumor Tip of the Week-Xgeva

Scenario: 2021 patient presents with metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma to the bones, receiving Xgeva. Question:  Would you code the Xgeva to Hormone therapy? Yes No Answer:   No Rationale: SEER*Rx Interactive Antineoplastic Drugs Database Xgeva Category Ancillary Agent Biologic therapy (BRM, immunotherapy) Subcategory PLEASE SEE IMPORTANT CODING INFORMATION IN REMARKS FIELD…

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Tumor Tip of the Week-SEER Appendix C Coding Guidelines

Scenario: 2021 TURBT: Low Grade Urothelial Carcinoma (No other information available) Question:  What is the correct behavior? /2 in situ /3 invasive Answer:   /2 in situ Rationale: SEER Appendix C 2021 Coding Guidelines Bladder page 5 Code the behavior as in situ (/2) when • The…

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Tumor Tip of the Week-2022

Treatment Volume I-131 for Thyroid coded to 98 Other 2,3 Do not use code 86 Pelvis if treatment is directed at primary tumor of the pelvis and subsite is a pelvic organ 2,3 Example: Prostate Cancer being treated with pelvic radiation code…

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Coding Webinar-May 2021

Join the himagine compliance team as we provide an overview of various lower leg fractures and types of repairs in the outpatient setting. We will highlight various types of fractures, corresponding ICD10-CM diagnosis codes, CPT procedural codes and review multiple…

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Tumor Tip of the Week-Is this reportable?

Scenario: A. 05-28-2021 patient diagnosed with Thymoma, NOS B. 05-28-2021 patient diagnosed with GIST, NOS C. 05-28-2021 patient diagnosed with early evolving melanoma Question:  Which of the above scenarios are reportable? [Check all that apply.] A B C Answer:   A, B, C…

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