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Tumor Tip of the Week – Bizarre Polypectomy Behavior


08-01-2021 Colon Polypectomy: invasive adenocarcinoma limited to the lamina propria, margin clear

Physician stated, No further treatment needed

AJCC Path Stage pTis cN0 cM0 Stage 0


Question:  How will you assign behavior code?

    • /3
    • /2


Answer:   /3



Summary Stage 2018 Coding Manual v2.0 Page 23

  • Note 4: For the following, AJCC 8th edition stages these as in situ tumors. SS2018 stages these as localized (behavior code 3)
    • Intramucosal, NOS
    • Lamina propria
    • Mucosa, NOS
    • Confined to, but not through muscularis mucosa



SEER Summary Stage: 1 Localized

AJCC: pTis cN0 cM0 Stage 0

EOD Primary Tumor: 050

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