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Tumor Tip of the Week – PHI

Scenario:  You are working on a case and are stumped.  Using your himagine email, you email one of your knowledgeable & friendly himagine auditors with the following question. Hi Friendly QA Auditor, I have a question about a case. Can…

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Tumor Tip of the Week – Prolactinoma

Scenario: 02-20-2021 MRI Brain: Approximately 0.7 cm T2 hyperintense, hypoenhancing lesion in the central pituitary gland is suspicious for a pituitary microadenoma. There is minimal local mass effect without suprasellar extension. No other sellar/suprasellar abnormalities 04-21-2021 Office Visit: Hyperprolactinemia, Microprolactinoma 7 mm. Prolactin…

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Tumor Tip of the Week-Xgeva

Scenario: 2021 patient presents with metastatic prostate adenocarcinoma to the bones, receiving Xgeva. Question:  Would you code the Xgeva to Hormone therapy? Yes No Answer:   No Rationale: SEER*Rx Interactive Antineoplastic Drugs Database Xgeva Category Ancillary Agent Biologic therapy (BRM, immunotherapy) Subcategory PLEASE SEE IMPORTANT CODING INFORMATION IN REMARKS FIELD…

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