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Charge Capture & Billing

himagine offers providers the administrative support they need to ensure claims are correct from the start.  himagine offers the highest-reliability data capture and document classification solution available, automating the manual steps that traditionally slowed the movement of patient and billing data through the organization. himagine greatly speeds every step of your billing process.

Our Charge Capture and Billing services include:

  • Imaging and Data Digitization: We capture, process, and transform virtually any type of paper-based or digital document into useful and actionable information
  • Pre-Billing Edit Resolution: We ensure all claims are accurate and ready for submission and adjustments made as needed.
  • Claims Submission: Our team determines the amount of reimbursement the provider can expect then immediately generates and submits a claim.
  • Charge Master Review: This review is key to the performance of your RCM efforts. Review priorities include identifying charging vulnerabilities, eliminating coding and billing errors, supporting regulatory compliance, and more.
  • Payment Posting – Our experienced data management team will manage your payment posting with the highest accuracy levels and rapid turnaround times.

himagine has handled over 145 million transactions and trained its teams in more than 80 hospital billing, practice management and EHR systems

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