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We list important points below which you should read if you elect to attend one of our free webinars. himagine is not responsible should you not qualify to receive or did not receive your CEU certificate.

  • You must attend at least 45 minutes of the webinar to earn the CEU(s).
  • You must enroll for each webinar and provide a valid email address where the CEU certificate will be sent.  Please be aware if you use your work email, it may be considered spam and prevent you from receiving.  We suggest you add to your contact list the email address himagine will use to send the CEU certificate,  This may allow the email to go to your inbox instead of spam.  You may want to check with your employer’s IT department.
  • The CEU is sent two to three weeks post the webinar.
  • It is your responsibility to print, insert your name, title and date of the webinar and store the CEU for future reference.  You will need the certificate when it comes time to renew your certification.  It is the responsibility of the attendee to ensure he or she has the documents required for maintaining his or her certification.  himagine no longer tracks this information.
  • While himagine will still record the webinar and place the webinar on our website, beginning May 2020, you must attend one of the scheduled live sessions to receive the CEU certificate.  We will continue to offer several sessions for this reason.
  • While previously recorded webinars will still be available to view, CEU certificates will no longer be provided.  You may view the webinars through the himagine solutions home page “Webinars – Previous Webinars” or by clicking the link
  • You will not receive email notifications post the webinar.  The CEU certificate is sent from an email address which does not allow a return response.
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