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Medical Coding

himagine provides the highest quality coding services in every clinical setting across all specialties for healthcare organizations. In addition to delivering industry-leading quality and productivity, our size and global reach, means we can respond to changes in your business as quickly as they occur. When needed, we will ramp up our resources to ensure coders are fully productive on day one with no additional cost to you. We provide weekend coverage as needed and a float pool to make sure certain resources are always up to speed and fully capable. We back up our services with more than just words. If we ever fail to meet pre-established performance standards, we’ll resolve the issue immediately and make any appropriate changes to your next invoice.

We deliver the best coding services on the planet, meaning your organization gets reduced claim denials and improved revenue capture. With himagine’s combination of disciplined HIM management oversight and comprehensive audit approach, you’ll experience greater visibility to coding performance and performance you never thought possible.

Medical Codinghimagine’s coding expertise encompasses every healthcare setting, from large IDN’s to rural hospitals, academic medical centers, specialty hospitals, independent physician organizations, critical access hospitals, and more. Within those environments we provide coding wherever patient charts are generated, including:

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
  • Professional
  • Emergency Department
  • ProFee
  • Evaluation & Management (E&M)
  • Diagnosis-Related Group (DRG)
  • HCC

Audithimagine audits more than 110 million charts annually. We use inferential statistical analysis and modeling to identify records most likely to contain an error, those with the highest dollar value, those with a high unspecified diagnosis capture rate, and an even distribution of all other chart types. We then focus audit resources on those charts to enable even greater coding quality and reduced compliance risk.

CDI – Today, having the most complete and accurate documentation is the core of overall quality of care. himagine’s comprehensive CDI programs, customized for your organization, workflow, service lines, and goals, improve clinical data used for patient safety, quality scorecards, research, and provide unimpeachable accuracy about reimbursement for resources used and services provided.

Registryhimagine provides registrars to support all types of registries, including Cancer/Tumor, Stroke, Trauma, Chest Pain, and Bone Marrow. Managed by trauma registry experts, our solution includes rigorous, consistent monitoring of registrar quality and productivity and is a simpler, more powerful alternative to the transactional, fragmented approach of traditional staffing solutions.

Omega & himagine:

  • +110 million charts coded annually
  • 1 in 9 US emergency room charts coded in 2020
  • +5,000 medical coders
  • Quality level +98%: High-quality coding reduces the number of claim denials and maximizes revenue
  • Coder dependability: himagine has 30% lower coder turnover than the industry standard. Turnover leads to increased coding backlogs and higher DNFB.
  • Stronger staffing: Coder shortages delay claim submissions and remits. Himagine takes 38% less time than the rest of the industry to identify and hire coders
  • Coded 1 of every 9 US ER charts in 2020
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