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While the set of tasks referred to as “Scheduling” seems only remotely connected to patient care, it is one that has historically been the starting point for many of the downstream errors and problem that end up stalling the revenue cycle. In some organizations, scheduling still runs on pencil and paper, and such manual tasks offer the most benefit to the organization from automation. himagine teams remove this burden from your staff, give your patients, physicians, and payors the service they deserve, and remove roadblocks to payment.

Scheduling – Requiring your clinical staff spend time responding to patients’ multiple calls and emails with questions and requests about scheduling appointments, let himagine help. Our experts quickly and accurately determine the necessary level of care and, when necessary and appropriate, schedule the patients for a clinic appointment. All calls are conducted in strict conformance with HIPAA guidelines, and are recorded and available for at least 90 days. In addition, the himagine team will boost productivity returning, on average, an increase of approximately three additional patient-provider interactions per day.

Insurance Information Gathering & Verification – Equipped with industry leading expertise in Eligibility & Benefit Verification, our team will collect, validate, and document the necessary insurance information from both the patient and the insurer. Having this information in place prior to submittal ensures a smooth process and an appropriately paid claim. During the verification process, our team contacts providers (via portal or phone) to validates and updates the following information:

  • Type of Plan
  • Eligibility and Coverage details
  • Payable Benefits
  • Effective and termination dates of the insurance policy
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