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Audit/Education Services

Scientific Approach To Chart Selection Improves Learning And Enhances Value For Healthier ROI

As the largest independent HIM company in the U.S., himagine solutions audits more than three million charts annually. Using inferential statistical analysis and modeling, himagine can identify coded records with the highest likelihood of an error, those with the highest dollar value, those with a high unspecified diagnosis capture rate, and an even distribution of all other chart types, then focus audit resources on those charts to reveal better intel and develop more targeted education to improve coding quality and decrease compliance risk. We provide this service for all settings including inpatient, outpatient, emergency department, and professional.

Rather than using a simple random sampling of charts, himagine uses statistical proven algorithms to segregate charts into four discrete categories. This enables our auditors to audit those charts that will provide significantly greater value and actionable learning.

Unlike competitors’ simple spreadsheets or database tables, we employ ReviewMate Workflow technology. This provides:

  • Live rebuttal process
  • Component variance by change reason (enables us to provide easily identifiable areas of risk needing education)
  • Executive summary (including accuracy by component, coder, or provider, and financial impact)

We develop and provide targeted education based on all our audit data analysis. This follows the protocol of our Coder/Provider Performance Improvement Programs.

  • Tailored based on facility/provider specific audit findings, himagine’s database of audit results, and regulatory changes
  • Provided to both coders and providers
  • Provided through multiple channels, including webinars, group lectures, one-on-one education sessions, round tables, and blogs
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