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Registry Services

himagine provides registrars to support all types of registries including Cancer/Tumor, Stroke, Trauma, Chest Pain, and Bone Marrow.

To learn more about our cancer registry services, click here.

To learn more about our trauma registry services, click here.

Cancer Registry Services

himagine’s Unique Cancer Registry Audits Improve Productivity and Lower Costs

Cancer registries have always played a critical role in the fight against cancer. Once considered an obligation without direct benefits, himagine solutions can offer up to 20% reduction in errors among registrars who are audited — resulting in less rework and higher productivity.

We outperform because we are the only provider to offer Quality Control Auditors to perform auditing on staff (full and part time). This is particularly significant considering the 2018 Cancer Registry Changes greatly expand the amount of content and complexity required for each case. And as we all know, time is money.


  • We are the only provider offering our unique Quality Control Audits on both full and part-time staff.
  • Our CTRs have extensive knowledge of three of the major Cancer Registry Software systems (ERS/CR Star,OncoLog, and Metriq).
  • We partner with more than 50 registries across the country giving us a national perspective of best practices.
  • We assign a dedicated implementation team and client manager as your single point of contact.
  • We offer Professional Development Money to help pay for books, educational webinars, second monitors and registration to state, regional, or national meetings.
  • We go “at risk” with you, meaning we will face financial penalties if we cannot meet agreed upon metrics. You will always get what you pay for.

Trauma Registry Services

himagine supports all levels of trauma centers with experienced, certified registrars (CSTR and CAISS). Whether you need more resources to stay current, or have a backlog with a site survey approaching, himagine can provide the resources you need. himagine adheres strictly to all ACS National Trauma Data Standards, focusing on quality while maintaining industry productivity levels.

himagine has developed a managed outsourcing solution as an alternative to the transactional, fragmented approach of traditional staffing solutions. Our approach provides:

  • Management oversight by our trauma registry experts
  • Rigorous, consistent monitoring of registrar quality and productivity
  • Continuing registrar education and coaching to ensure ongoing quality
  • Streamlined onboarding processes to quickly identify and deploy registrars

himagine requires at least two years of experience for our Trauma Registrars (or TPMs) and matches registrars to facilities based on their experience and credentials. Our registrars have experience in Level I and II facilities, and many have a CSTR, CAISS, or RN. Our trauma registrars are proficient in registry software programs from all of the primary vendors, including V5, Collector (POPIMS), Trauma One, TraumaBase, and NTRACS.

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