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Tumor Tip of the Week-Incidental Thyroid Tumors

Scenario:   65 year old male presents to your facility for resection of a Goiter, US shows: 1.5cm nodule right lobe of the thyroid, physical exam reveals 1.5cm thyroid nodule, no apparent adenopathy in neck. Path report from thyroidectomy: 1.5cm papillary carcinoma limited to right lobe of thyroid.

Question:  What is the clinical stage?

  • cT1b(s) cN0 cM0 Stage 1
  • cT (blank) cN (blank) cM (Blank) Stage 99

Answer: cT (blank) cN (blank) cM (Blank) Stage 99Tis


TIP:  Don’t forget to assign the AJCC T Suffix for those Thyroid Cases.

  • (s) Solitary tumor (differentiated and anaplastic thyroid only)
  • (m) Multifocal tumor (differentiated and anaplastic thyroid only)
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