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Tumor Tip of the Week-Planning Technique

Scenario: 05-05-2020 -05-08-2020 LUL 5400cGy in 3 fractions (1800 cGy/fx) 10 MV hyperfractionated IMRT based stereotactic body radiotherapy

QuestionHow would Phase I External Beam Radiation Planning Technique be coded?

  • 05 Intensity modulated therapy (IMRT)
  • 06 Stereotactic radiotherapy or radiosurgery, NOS

Answer: 06 Stereotactic radiotherapy or radiosurgery, NOS


CAnswer Forum Post

  • per Apollo Wilson “SRS, 4D, SBRT, SART, can all be delivered via IMRT plans. In fact, in most cases, you would need an IMRT plan for these treatment modalities. Check the dose/fraction and number of fractions prescribed. If the dose is hypofractionated (>200 cGy/fx and < 6 fx), then it’s very likely that the treatment modality is SBRT (06). If the fraction size is standard (180 or 200 cGy/fx), then it is most likely IMRT, if mentioned.”
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