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Tumor Tip of the Week-SEER Appendix E Reportable and Non-reportable examples

Scenario: 12-13-2018 MR Abdomen: Lesion Segment IVb- 1.5cm LI-RADS 5 (Definite HCC)

Question:  Is this case reportable?

    • Yes
    • No

Answer:  Yes

Rationale: Refer to SEER Appendix E Reportable and Non-Reportable Examples

“Liver cases with an LI-RADS category LR-5 or LR-5V are reportable.  Use the date of the LR-5 or LR-5V scan as the date of diagnosis when it is the earliest confirmation of the malignancy. Do not report cases based only on an LI-RADS category of LR-4.”

Discussion:  If you are not abstracting for a SEER State, please refer to your State Central Registry for guidance.

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